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  • Saturday 10.09

    2010-07-10 10:05

    Saturday's concerts also start at 20:00. First is the alternative/rock group „Biff”. Though young, the band has already won two Fryderyk awards for their album „Ano” in the categories „NEW FACE OF PHONOGRAPHY” and „VIDEOCLIP OF THE YEAR”. Next we'll see the Czech band „Charlie Straight”, which plays alternative/indie/rock. „Muariolanza” is called the „first Polish ambient-jazz band” and will play last tonight. The band already has three longplay albums and their last one, „Wszystko będzie inaczej” is perceived as their best so far. The audience will have a chance to judge for themselves. Music is also at the Concert Hall in the Zamek – at 18:00 we will hear classical music from the „Silesian Piano Duo”.  


  • Third day of festival

    2010-07-09 10:33

    Topografia Miasta, a project from the Circles of Art Festival, involves creating art right on the streets of Cieszyn. At Przykopa and Sejmowa streets, murals changing the face of Cieszyn are being created. Another view on the city was presented by prof. Jiri Siostrzonka in his lecture „The Invisible City”, about those elements of city-space that are unknown to us, and thus invisible. One of the aims of the festival is to broaden our sense of perception.



  • Friday - 9.07

    2010-07-08 18:54

    On Friday we strongly recomend concerts. Iowa Super Soccer - the alternative/indie/psychodelic/
    rock band from Myslowice will kick off on the main square at 20:00, followed by an exotic band all the way from Maili - „Tamikrest”. The star of the evening is no other than the Australian-American group „Dirtmusic”, made up of well-known songwriters:  Chris Eckman (Walkabouts, Chris & Carla), Chris Brokaw (Codeine) oraz Hugo Race (True Spirit, the former The Bad Seeds). They will perform songs from their album „BKO”, among which we will surely find „All Tomorrow's Parties” by the legendary „The Velvet Underground”.



  • Second day of Festival

    2010-07-08 12:08

    Wednesday was truely full of musical events. Well-known musical themes were performed by Jerzy Tatarak with band. The audience had little time to cool-down, when the second concert of the day started – Noel Coutts with „Blues from Everywhere”, ending yet another day of the festival. The Circles of Art Festival had its own musical events. Katarzyna Drogosz and Marek Plich gave a beautiful and modern concert.


  • Thursday - 08.07

    2010-07-08 11:27

    Circles of Art on Thursday are set to be a real musical treat. At the A. Mickiewicz Theatre at 17:00 starts the baroque music concert of the „Barocktrompeten Ensemble Berlin ” and later at 21:00, the Maciej Obara Quartet – jazz of the highest  quality.
    At 19:00 at Kino Central (Czech Cieszyn) an inspiring concert will be shown: „Led Zeppelin: The song Romains the same” - Jimmy Page and the gang at their best. „Dura & Blues Club” will play live at cafe Noiva only half an hour later at 19:30. Same place, but earlier – at 18:00 – starts the musical-poetic evening of „Judyta Kassovicova i jej przyjaciele”.

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